What is the Nazareth School & Orphanage Project?

A Labour of Love

For the past ten years, the focus of CCCO has been Nazareth School & Orphanage. Without the support of Canadians this school would have closed. With the support of Canadians, we have been able to keep Nazareth open by providing nutrition, health and educational materials to the children. As well, through generous contributions Nazareth’s infrastructure has been updated to ensure the safety and security of the kids.

Several children under our care have already graduated from High School. After graduating they have been given the opportunity to be placed in a Technical/Trades School in Bogota. Once they complete this program, they are guaranteed a job in their trade.

“With the help of all those who give to Nazareth and the sisters, I was able to finish my elementary and secondary education. In 2006, I was helping the sisters in Nazareth and in 2008, I got a permanent job in Bogotá, capital of Colombia.”
21 years old

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