Giving is our Privilege, giving is our Duty, giving is our Mission

Significant progress has been made since 2005 thanks to the support of countless volunteers, corporate sponsors and generous donors.

Each year dozens of corporate sponsors join the Canadian Colombian Children’s Organization in assisting Colombian children to have a bright and happy future.

Focused on breaking the cycle of poverty and violence through quality educational opportunities and stronger personal support.

With your help we can do it. Become an Event Sponsor, or a Corporate Sponsor.

Who we are

In 1991 a small group of Colombian women who were concerned by the dire situation of displaced children in Colombia decided to do something about it and founded The Canadian Colombian Children’s Organization (CCCO).


They organized events and raised funds that were sent to various charities in Colombia. Over the years these fund-raising activities grew and in 2005 the CCCO received charitable status.


The CCCO celebrates more than 25 years of giving. To date we sponsor three schools of children in need by giving them the tools to succeed – education and values – and avoid the common pitfalls of violence and poverty. Some of these children have already graduated from high school and made it through college or university, opportunities that would have not been reached without our help and our supporters’ – volunteers, corporate sponsors and generous donors.

A Future Filled with Hope

We strongly believe in providing opportunities for kids to develop into self-sufficient adults and contributing members to society. This can break the vicious cycle of poverty and create a stronger Colombia.


Because we are a volunteer-based organization, and thanks to our corporate sponsors, generous donors, and countless volunteers both in Canada and Colombia, we have been able to help numerous under-privileged children for over twenty five years.


We are proud to acknowledge sponsorship from many large and reputable institutions such as RICE Family., LiUNA LOCAL 183, Davies Spina Falquez, International Capital Management, Copa Airlines, and many more.


For your continued support.

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